AdvanceTC is a leading mobile telecommunication and computing company that provides innovative hardware and software products for both consumer and professional market segments. We complement our market offerings as a mobile virtual network operator, delivering the network and bandwidth services required for optimum performance of our products and solutions.


We strive to provide the best quality products at competitive prices for the consumer markets, and be recognised around the World as an internationally acclaimed and reliable brand for mobile communication, computing, navigation, safety, and information technology devices.


Our vision is one of better technology accessibility for all, where everyone is able to afford and use the best technologies to communicate and to save lives. We aspire towards our vision by constantly dedicating resources to R&D for constant upgrades and development of new, better products.


We value honesty, transparency, integrity and respect in all manner of conduct between colleagues, business partners and customers. We support human rights, and have an unbiased policy towards and regarding religion, race, politics or gender orientation.


The company conducts its business properly with full legalities and compliance in place for product certifications, hardware and software technology licencing, jurisdiction laws, and compliances for exports and sanctions, taxation, health, materials, anti-trust and anti-corruption.

We optimize our products for professionals in various disciplines and support a wide range industries, especially in the fields of search & rescue, military & defense, education, and maritime. Available product customizations include additional protective casing body, add-on battery life, military standard (MIL-STD 810) compliance, increased diving (depth) water-proof casing and more.

AdvanceTC also provides distinct programs such as products and services on-loan programs to NGOs that are addressing real-world issues such as climate change, rural community education and ocean pollution. More information can be found in the related industry sections.


At the Heart of a Company is its People.

AdvanceTC is an equal opportunity employer, and attempts to attract, engage, and retain the best talent available to the Company at its required human resource location. We provide our people with competitive renumeration, career growth opportunities and a working environment that is both fun, yet challenging as we are always at the cutting-edge of R&D technology.


Technology doesn’t have to be Toxic.

The company takes careful measures in reducing its carbon footprint in line with our ESG directives. We actively only purchase from verified environment friendly vendors, and commit to 100% recyclable or reused materials in our products and packaging.

We carefully vet our vendors, distributors and business partners to ensure our product materials and the required labour in its production are from ethical means. We do not compromise on pricing to obtain unethically sourced materials and labour in our supply chain.

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