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AdvanceTC is the creator of the MAGIIC brand of mobile computing devices with integrated telephony, and have redefined mobile productivity by developing the MAGIIC W3, a full Windows® OS microcomputer integrated with cellular telephony capabilities fully designed & developed using AdvanceTC’s patented proprietary technology and engineering innovation.

AdvanceTC appoints key distributors worldwide for the sales and marketing efforts of its products, and to bring its products to a worldwide customer base.

The MAGIIC product line features premium high tech mobile microcomputers and ultraportables which run on the full Windows® Operating System while providing integrated cellular telephony capabilities. Unlike conventional Windows® full OS laptops & tablets, MAGIIC devices are able to make & receive phone calls and SMS, wake up from incoming calls, and perform intelligent audio switching from PC audio to GSM audio within the Windows® OS environment.

  • Date
    April 6, 2017

    Experience the latest in Ultraportable Computing with the MAGIC Zlate™ 2in1 Series. The MAGIC Zlate™ 2in1 Series come in Tablet form factors with 10” and above screen sizes for better productivity.

  • Date
    April 4, 2017

    Designed using the latest technologies and built with immaculate craftmanship, the new MAGIC X6L is a fusion of metal & glass that is both elegant and robust for everyday use. Full high definition display

  • Date
    March 29, 2017
    The world’s first rugged smartphone with 4G LTE, satellite messaging and emergency button. Never have to worry about being out of range from a cell tower.
  • Date
    March 29, 2017

    The next MAGIC Zlate™ 2in1 Series ultraportable, with a 10.1” screen for increased mobility and battery life, the MAGIC Zlate™ X features a PolyShell unibody design, and an omni directional kickstand...

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Making them the most portable range of full Windows OS + Telephony computing devices in the world