AdvanceTC is a premier company specializing in the design, development & commercialization of high tech mobile wireless computing & telecommunication devices Since 2005.

Our operations are mainly focused on developing intellectual property through proprietary hardware/software design and system integration. Product prototyping and manufacturing are outsourced to appointed manufacturers.

AdvanceTC is the creator of the AdvanceTC brand of mobile computing devices with integrated telephony, and have redefined mobile productivity by developing the AdvanceTC  W3, a full Windows® OS microcomputer integrated with cellular telephony capabilities fully designed & developed using AdvanceTC’s patented proprietary technology and engineering innovation.

We appoint key distributors worldwide for the sales and marketing efforts of our products, and to bring our products to a worldwide customer base.

The AdvanceTC product line features premium high tech mobile microcomputers and ultraportables which run on the full Windows® Operating System while providing integrated cellular telephony capabilities. Unlike conventional Windows® full OS laptops & tablets, our devices are able to make & receive phone calls and SMS, wake up from incoming calls, and perform intelligent audio switching from PC audio to GSM audio within the Windows® OS environment. AdvanceTC calls this integration True Convergence Technology. AdvanceTC’s True Convergence Technology is covered by multiple patents which include titles such as “System & Method for Integrating Computing Device with Telephony Functions”.

Users interact with AdvanceTC devices telephony features via the Mpathy user interface, a specially designed software application in the Windows® full OS environment providing the user with voice calling, SMS/MMS/IM, VOIP and video conferencing capabilities for a complete unified communications and mobile computing device.