Satellite Messaging,

The world’s first rugged smartphone with 4G LTE, satellite messaging and emergency button. Never have to worry about being out of range from a cell tower.

4G World connectivity

Advance TC XPLORE X7 provides 8 band 4G World connectivity andthe world’s first Satellite Messaging connectivity via Iridium™ satellite network.

Two-way messaging  

The Iridium™ network and our Short Burst Data service provides two-way messaging with location tracking anywhere on earth. And a dedicated world emergency service.

Power and Stamina

Advance TC XPLORE X7 is a full smartphone with a 5.2 inch Full HD screen, a 2.2GHz octa core Qualcomm™ processor and a 3G/4G/LTE multimode World Modem.

Tracking and sharing

Plan and track your trip, share your locations and let others send you messages or monitor your safety via our Android and iOS mobile apps.