Mr. Loi is the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors and is Chief Executive Officer of the Company and ATC. He is one of the founding members of ATC since its inception in 2005 when ATC was pioneering and inventing the true convergent devices that holds patent pending technology for computing with integrated telephony technology. He was also one of the pioneers to start the VoIP business in Malaysia.

Mr. Loi graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Economics, majoring in Business Administration from the University Malaya in 1973. He started his career in sales and marketing with multinational companies where he had the opportunity to learn and to contribute, and later on to lead in the implementation of numerous activities that contributed to the growth of the companies. He successfully assisted a Hong Kong based Canadian company in developing their telecommunication business, and identified the NMT 450 radio spectrum Cellular business opportunity in China. He negotiated with a Denmark NMT 450 Cellular infrastructure provider to design a proprietary low cost NMT 450 Cellular system for the company, and installed it in several China’s provinces.

Mr. Loi has guided and transformed the company from an R&D based background to its present status with innovative technology products that are commercially viable in the international tech market. With more than 30 years experiences in sales & marketing and business dealing in the telecommunication sector, Mr. Loi will continue to lead the company to achieve greater heights with more outstanding product innovations and technology, and to attract global investment and increase the value of the company in the forever challenging tech industry.


Mr. Lee is an Executive Director of the Board of Directors and Chief Operations Officer. Mr. Lee has more than 29 years of operation experience, involving factory operations, particularly in Procurement, Quality Control, Cost Control (including Engineering VA/VE) and Manufacturing. He is a co-inventor of the Company’s Core Technology patent.

He was attached to Panasonic Group Malaysia for a total of 21 years in which time he was awarded numerous awards for his contribution to the company’s growth and expansion. He was trained in Japan (Matsushita Overseas Training Centre – Osaka) and Singapore (Asia Matsushita – Singapore) on various Factory Operation and Management control skills and methodology. During his tenure in Panasonic Group, he also built his experience further by being the Chairman / Vice Chairman of various sub-groups, such as the Safety Committee group, Fire Fighting Committee group, Vendor Evaluation and Selection Group and Cost Control Team. He was also a regular trainer for the company’s various Procurement teams, especially on Inventory Control system practises in factory environment. He is a regular Invited Guest Speaker on Safety in Work Places for the Malaysian National Institute of Occupational, Safety and Health organisation (NIOSH).

Mr. Lee was the local Operations Director of an international retailing company for 3 years. He founded the company in Malaysia and later it was sold to a partner when he decided to join ATC as its Chief Operating Officer. With his experience, he currently oversees operations and management in the Research and Development, Manufacturing, Procurement and Marketing unit of the company.


Mr. Loi is an Executive Director of the Board of Directors and Chief Technology Officer. He is one of the founding members of Advance Tech Communications, and is the author and co-holder author of several of the company’s design patents.

Mr. Loi graduated from Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) in Computer Science and Information Technology. He is solely responsible for creating Symmetry™, an innovative virtual interface software application for a Singapore and Malaysian based GPS Software Company. This company was later acquired by a multinational company because of this software. Later on, he was then the technology and information systems head for one of the leading post-production houses in Malaysia.

Since formation of the company, he has led all new products concept and technology direction. He conceptualized the “True Convergent Device” and MAGIC™ brand product line. Mr Loi has extensive knowledge and experience in hardware and software user interfaces, user experience and firewall systems. His other experiences include developing customized firewall software for Infosys and consulting for Geneva PTL. His knowledge and expertise in information technology, software and hardware computing has contributed greatly to the success in realizing from concept to reality the innovative products of the company.


Mr. Cho is an independent Non-Executive Director on the Board of Directors. He obtained IDPM Higher Diploma (UK), Systematic Higher Diploma, and NCC Diploma (UK) in Computing Studies.

Mr. Cho worked with Sime Darby Plantation SB as a Senior Executive in the Finance IT division from 2007 to 2013; he has managed bio-metric solutions, and Weighbridge security-based user authentication system project. He also incorporated QR code capture of consignment information from plantation merchandize to mills and refineries which helped in fraud prevention.

Prior to that, Mr. Cho was employed by Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad as a Senior Systems Analyst from 1981 to 2007; he deployed Microsoft Exchange and Internet Information Servers on Distributed Servers, and developed & deployed financial, payroll, plantation, order processing, billing, mill/factory production and weighbridge application solutions with SQL server, MS Access and Visual Basic.


Mr. Cho is an Independent Non Executive Director on the Board of Directors, and is the Australian Resident Director. He graduated with a Technician Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic in 1985.

Mr. Cho is an Engineer by profession, and has more than 22 years of experience in the engineering field especially in the oil and gas sector. He has been the senior project engineer from 2010 to 2012 for Australia Fluids Handling Pty Ltd who has business in design and build quality skid based modular process metering and transferring facilities incorporating pipelines, pumps, filters and instrumentation for the oil & gas and mining industries.

Mr. Cho also worked for Process Group Pty Ltd and Diamond Key International Pty Ltd as Project Manager from 2005 to 2009 which were also involved in design and built facilities for oil and gas and mining industries. He was employed by Sumitomo Chemical Engineering Company Limited in Singapore as Deputy Manager from 1992 to 2005 where the Company was the EPCM consultant involved in the design and build of both Brownfield and Greenfield process facilities for the oil and gas industry.


Mr. Jeffrey is an Independent Non-Executive Director on the Board of Directors, and is the
Australian Resident Director. He is a Chartered Accountant, ACA, with 35 years business
experience. A former partner of Ernst & Young.

Mr. Jeffrey has acted in CFO positions for 25 years including at ASX listed public companies.
He has a corporate finance and capital markets background and has spent many years
restructuring and assisting emerging entities. General tax and financial accounting experience
and Board reporting, together with two Stock Exchange listings, complete his skills and experience.

Mr. Jeffrey’s vast experience will contribute greatly to the advancement of the company.


Dr. Masuri is member of the Senior Management of the Company. He obtained his PhD in Microelectronics from Southampton University of England in 1986, and has several patents in the Microelectronic segment that have been filed under his name.

During his illustrative career, he has also published 5 books on electronics and written numerous academic papers in the related area. His careers and experiences span from 1990 to 2014 from being an academician as a Professor and Deputy Dean in University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) to researcher, holding position as the Director of Research in MIMOS Berhad and as Commercial Director for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia (MOSTI).

With his vast experience and extensive network, Dr. Masuri will continue to provide valuable ideas and accessibility of business networks in the Tech industry for the company.

[/our_team_list][our_team_list title=”Herve Jegou” subtitle=”Director of R&D” image=”2104″]Mr Herve Jegou is the Director of R&D. He graduated from the French Air Force Academy in Salon de Provence. He also received a Licence in Space Mechanics and a Master in Aeronautics from University of Aix Marseille ll (France).

Mr Herve also worked with IBM France. He handles software operations for company. He has a vast experience in developing mobile applications.[/our_team_list][vc_custom_heading text=”Advisors” font_container=”tag:h3|font_size:28px|text_align:left|line_height:28px” use_theme_fonts=”yes” el_class=”shorter”][vc_separator color=”custom” gap=”tall” gradient=”yes” accent_color=”#f25022″][our_team_list image=”1281″ title=”Cheok Lay Leng” subtitle=”Member of Technology Advisory Panel”]

Mr. Cheok is a member of the Technology Advisory Panel of the Company. He holds a degree in Computer Science & Technology with post graduate work in device physics and Masters in Business Administration. He holds an US patent in USB technology. He was conferred PKT medal award by the Penang state government in 2006.

Mr. Cheok has over 27 years of R&D, business and executive management experience in the semiconductor, networking and embedded industries. He is currently President, Asia Operations at Netronome Systems, Inc, a technology start-up focusing on developing platform solutions for network, security and communications segments headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA. Between 2005 and 2007, he held chief executive positions at several start-ups in Hong Kong and business ventures. Prior to 2005, he was General Manager of Asia Operations, Communications Infrastructure Group (CIG), Intel Corporation where he managed embedded and communications business activities including initiating several development and competency centers across Asia and in Shannon, Ireland. He has also served as a board observer in technology start-ups invested by Intel Capital, a venture capital arm of Intel Corporation.

Mr. Cheok has worked as a design engineer, project lead and applications engineering manager for the Intel x86 microprocessors and embedded microcontrollers before he moved into product and business management roles. He was a pioneer Intel team member that developed the USB v1.0 standard and a co-manager responsible for USB adoption by the computing peripheral OEMs worldwide in 1995 to 1997. Since 2005, Mr. Cheok has been active in technology ventures and working with start-up companies. He has been a regular speaker at industry events and teaches entrepreneurship and strategic management subjects occasionally.

[/our_team_list][our_team_list image=”1282″ title=”Professor Dr. Zulkifli Bakti” subtitle=”Member of Technology Advisory Panel”]

Dr. Zulkifli is a member of the Technology Advisory Panel of the Company. He obtained his PhD from University of Bath United Kingdom in 1985.

Dr. Zulkifli’s career spans over more than 39 years in both the Academic and Corporate segment. He was a Lecturer and Deputy Dean in University Sains Malaysia and University Kuala Lumpur. He was the Vice President of Education Services at Symmid Corporation, and held Research & Development Senior Management position in MIMOS, a Malaysia’s national R&D centre in ICT under the purview of the Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. Dr. Zulkifli also held positions in Time Quantum Technologies, Tenggara Capital Berhad and Mango Sdn Bhd.

He was also a Consultant and Advisor to several other companies prior to joining the Company as an Advisor. With his vast experience and knowledge in the Microelectronic field, he will bring new innovations and ideas to live in the Company’s products and devices.

[/our_team_list][our_team_list image=”1284″ title=”Fan Shijie” subtitle=”Member of Technology Advisory Panel”]

Mr. Fan is a member of the Technology Advisory Panel of the Company. He obtained his Masters of Science Degree in Electronic & Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology and Bachelor of Science Degree in Automation from Tsinghua University China. He has 4 patents and 1 patent pending in China to his name.

Mr. Fan has more than 25 years of Research & Development, Design and Project Management experiences in the Electronics Industry. His career and experiences stem from being attached to Photon Access Incorporated, Motorola, Intel, China Academy of Space Technology and Flexcomm.

His vast experience in electronics design is a valuable asset to the Company and will continue to bring technology advancement to our team.

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